Nate’s Notes: Exploring

One of the field adventures that is most fun is when we go to empty and old buildings.  Momma calls them a….ab…abanana…no, abandoned!   We get to explore them.  They are a little strange, like everybody just vanished.  Someone must have mentioned nap time.  But really, you go to these warehouses, old hospitals, empty homes or schools, and there is no one there…but sometimes there are still things, like a doll, a picture on the wall, a chair or desk, or a cola machine.  So strange.  Momma gets really quiet in these buildings, like she is either thinking or sad.   She gets quiet in cemeteries too. 

Tell me this isn't spooky!!

Tell me this isn’t spooky!!

On the way home, she talks about the stories from the buildings.  What stories?  I didn’t see any books.  Whatever.   It feels like someone just forgot about these places, or like when I just get tired of my toys and put them away.  Actually, can I tell you a secret?   They kind of scare me, like when I wake up at night and can’t see Momma or Daddy.   Don’t tell Momma though, ‘cause I want to show her how brave I am.   I’m a big boy, almost 2.  Besides, with Little Lyla along now, I have to teach that baby girl how to do things even if you’re scared.   Even though I get spooked out, I feel safe with Momma and Daddy there.  I know that if he needed to, Daddy would break out his super hero skills.  AAAA!  Did you hear that?  Okay…I can do this. Breathing.  Breathing.  I guess it’s pretty cool.  Back to exploring!