Nate’s Notes: A Whole New World

No, despite the title, I’m not going to break into song.  I haven’t even seen that movie yet. I’m talking about changing my view, the way I see things.  Again, folks…nothing deep here.  Give me a break, I’m only 18-months old.   I just mean that Momma and Daddy moved my caw seat.   Honking horns, it is so cool!!!!   I get to face forward AND I’m in the middle now, so I can see all the big twucks and caws and twees.  Oh man, I love caw rides now.   I just sing and talk about all the things outside.  Sometimes I get stuck on one word and Momma reminds me to move on because I sound like a little bird.  Hmmm…did she see a bird?    I even notice the girly flowers and twees, the sky, the cool old houses and barns, the rocks and mud, the wood fences.  I don’t just notice, I start to look for textures now. Metal…wood…metal…metal…flower…rock…metal…wood…wood…wood…twuck…twuck… twUCK…tWUCK…TWUCK!!!  Oh- sorry.    The cool drawings and words on the sides of twucks we pass are aMAZing.  It all makes me want to find my lame baby camera, or convince Momma to stop and take pictures with hers.  I get what all the fuss is about…kind of.  Don’t tell HER that though.   All the things and textures I see make me want to burst into spontaneous clapping and dancing, just like finding snacks in the couch cushions!   I feel over-stimulated, to say the least.   The excitement actually makes me sleepy, but I’ve decided nap times are an unfair idea created and mandated by adults who need routine and structure or they have tantrums.  Soooo many years of tears.   Okay…that’s for another day.

This is how I USED to feel about caw rides...

This is how I USED to feel about caw rides…

This is how I feel NOW about caw rides...

This is how I feel NOW about caw rides…

Seriously people, if you want to change your view point, just spend about 17 months crunched up and facing backwards in a caw…then turn around.  Look at the world.   Holy bananas- it’s a world to take pictures of…every detail!!   It’s a whole NEW world.  Every turn is a surprise, with unbelievable sights and indescribable feelings!   Wait, that sounds like a song.  Hmmm. Hmm -hmm-hmmm-hummmm-hmmmmm.

3 thoughts on “Nate’s Notes: A Whole New World

  1. LOL! Congratulations on now getting to ride in the middle, facing forward.
    ( Just wait until you get the keys to the caw!!!!) :-)

    It is a beautiful world out there! Go Nate!!!

  2. Congrats little man or should i say big boy for facing forward in the caw , I t is a very beautiful world out there , and I’m so glad that you get too see it , now all we have to do is get you some awesome sunglasses so you look really cool.

  3. Yay! Congratulations Nate, and Mommy and Daddy! I remember when our “little” one finally got to face the great big world while riding in the car. It was GREAT- for all of us! :)

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