Nate’s Notes: Our Fort

I’m only saying this here, for you guys only.  Basically Momma says I’m not allowed to talk about “fair” and “not fair” in my world.   So, I’m just telling you people that it’s not fair.  What you ask?  The Drawing Game…yea, that one…the one without the color crayons.   Here’s the story, and I’ll let you decide if it’s fair.  But for now, it’s in the color crayon draft of my memoirs about how my parents dashed my dreams.  

So Momma made this biiiig deal about me drawing the first place we would go to for the field adventure in photography.   What she neglected to tell me is that if she didn’t agree with what choice I pulled, we wouldn’t go!!   Well, imagine my joy and excitement when I drew a picture of a train with some gobbly-gook next to it.   I can only assume the destination was to a train.  I’ll never know. Here’s why…as I looked to Daddy and Momma with anticipation and wonder, Momma snatched the paper from my hand and said, “Oh no…it’s broken!  Pick again Nate.”   Total gut punch.  What did she mean, “broken”?   Was the train “broken”?  Was the paper “broken”?   Shouldn’t we go so Daddy can help fix it with his super hero skills?   The only things broken were my dreams…and my heart.  

Still in shock, I obliged and pulled another paper from the tin.   I didn’t care where we went now…nothing mattered.   With no excitement, I pulled the next destination:   Fort Point & The Golden Gate Bridge.  Wahoo…not really.  Fort Schmort.  Unless we were going by train, I wasn’t interested.  

I’m only saying this here, for you guys only.  Fort Point:  Big Bumpers and Holy Bananas!!   So. Cool. It’s AMAZING!!! It’s TRAINTASTIC!!!  The fort thingy is right by the water and full of tunnels!  You can run and run!   When you laugh and scream it comes back and hugs you!   And there are three levels of stairs!  Stairs are fun.  Up. And. Down. Up. And. Down.   When Momma said , “fort” I thought it was going to be like the forts we make with blankets, sheets and chairs.    I’ll never look at our forts the same.  Time to find some bricks!  

Fort Point

Fort Point

Sheet Forts

Sheet Forts


Daddy tried to tell me what this fort was, why it was there.   He said it was to protect people.  He said that it was to keep people safe. He said that he and Momma were our fort, me and Lyla. He said that he and Momma would keep us safe, protect us.  Hmmm. Okay.  I think I get it.  


We ran around and took pictures for hours, until the sun started to get ready for bed.   When we left, I watched the fort disappear, thinking that even though The Drawing Game wasn’t fair, this wasn’t such a bad adventure.   Of course, I’ll never tell THEM that.  Bye –bye Fort Point.   It was time to go home…home to our very own fort.   

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  1. Nate, thanks for sharing where your adventure took you. As you go on more adventures you will discover that very often what you discover is better than you expected it to be. That is the fun of exploring.

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