Nate’s Notes: I Know What I’m Getting Gram for Christmas!

I’m an explorer!!  The other day I went on a walk with Gram.  We went looking for dirt, rocks, leaves, lizards, pine cones, bugs and anything else I could get away with shoving in my pockets to bring back inside.   I have an explorer’s treasure box that we fill with stuff from outside.  I collect all these things, and then I get to take the box out and look at the amazing things I find.   Momma says it’s a good adventure to look for textures, and she always brings her camera for pictures.  We find wet things like water and mud.  We find soft things like moss and sand.  We find prickly things like pine cones, pine needles, berry bushes, even tree bark.  We find hard things like rocks and the sidewalk.  We find rough things like bricks. We find smooth things like chicken eggs…don’t throw them, don’t throw them, don’t throw them…they don’t bounce, they don’t bounce, they don’t bounce.   We find a lot. 

For some reason I don’t get to bring it ALL inside.  I try.  Once I brought an egg inside, but it smooshed in my pocket.  Then it was wet, sticky and gooey. Talk about texture!  I thought it was cool, but Daddy and Momma weren’t as impressed.  Nope, they were all Mr. and Mrs. Serious.  Tough crowd. 

Anyway, the other day I found a lot of pretty flowers still blooming and big lizards.  I saw big buzz bees and cool rocks.  I saw onions and cucumbers growing.  AND there were really pretty clouds in the sky.   It was soooo cool!  They were perfect pictures.   So I told Gram that we should take pictures for Momma to help…but Gram didn’t have a camera.  Yea, I know.  I thought she was joking at first too, so I laughed.  Then I realized she was serious.  I was speechless.  I thought everyone and their mother had a camera.  Not Gram.  Not this time.  Astounding.  Simply astounding.   It’s either all or nothing with this family and the cameras!!

No pictures people!

No pictures people!

Ummm...yea, no pictures!

Ummm…yea, no pictures!

Didn't you read the part about no pictures being taken?

Didn’t you read the part about no pictures being taken?

So I’ve designated my money buttons in my piggy bank.  I’m going to get Gram a camera for Christmas.  It’s not that I want more cameras around or anything.  I just can’t let that happen again.  Well, I’m off to count my money buttons!


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