Nate’s Notes: Eggs Don’t Bounce

Have you ever watched chickens run?  It is soooo funny!!   You gotta see it.   It might be funnier than watching Momma try to dance.   I could watch them for hours.   If my teeth are hurting or my toys bore me, I just watch our chickens run and feel better.  Momma laughs a lot too.  She calls them “The Ladies”.  Well, the other day she was going on and on about taking pictures of The Ladies because of their feathers or fur or skin (or whatever it is called)…well, they are pretty.  So we put on our shoes and went down to the pen with her picture-taker thingy.   I was having a great time watching them run and maybe even chasing them so they would run.  That’s when I saw them!  Did you know our chickens make little ball thingamajigs??!  Before she started taking pictures, Momma collected all these white and brown balls and put them in a bowl.  Well…when she wasn’t looking, I wandered over to retrieve these.   I needed them for my ball collection!!!   I have to say I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t bounce.  In fact, they went from a ball…to little pieces with yellow slime that came out of them.  Momma had a strange look on her face, kind of like she was upset, but kind of like she was smiling.  I just kept pointing and asking, “Ball?  Ball? Ball?”.  “No baby,” she answered me.   “Those aren’t balls!  They are chicken eggs you silly goose!  Now we have less to sell for your piggy bank!”  WHAT was she talking about with all these animals!?  Chickens, I get…but a goose and a piggy??  Oh man.  I slapped my palm to my forehead and suddenly became very tired, still quite disappointed.  Okay, so they aren’t balls…they are eggs.   Eggs don’t bounce.  But they sure make a super duper cool picture all broken up!

One thought on “Nate’s Notes: Eggs Don’t Bounce

  1. Oh Nate , did your mom tell u the story of how those chickens chased her and how she had to run away . have her tell u some time. I love u and i so look forward to readying the next one.

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