Nate’s Notes: What IS SHE Doing Here?

Daddy holding both of us.

Daddy holding both of us.

I love making friends and having visitors.  I love it when my cousins visit me and play with me.  I love meeting people.  I knew this at a very young age when I had to distract people from thinking Momma was crazy for taking pictures of tree bark, door knobs, dirt or walls.  I mean, seriously, who takes THAT many pictures of a concrete wall?  This became about survival people.  Survival.  That’s when Momma started calling me Prince Charming and her little social butterfly.  She could learn a thing or two from me, that’s for sure.  That’s why I try to engage just about everyone I meet in stores, restaurants, banks, churches, and parks.

Anyway, you can imagine I was thrilled to have a new friend when Momma and Daddy introduced me to Lyla one day.  A new friend!    She is way smaller and younger than I am.  She can’t even sit up or walk!  Sheesh. What a baby.

Harvested oranges...I was just trying to help.

Harvested oranges…I was just trying to help.

So we met her one day…and then visited her the next day.   And pretty much each day after I woke up for the morning, we talked about Lyla.  Lyla this, Lyla that.  Oh Lyla.  Baby Lyla.  Umm…HELLOOOO!!!????  I’m Nate.  Hey, look what I can do!  Walk- talk- read books- build things- dance- harvest oranges.  Do I need to keep going?   Fine, I’ll conjugate verbs; that should get your attention.   As if talking about Lyla all the time wasn’t enough, she started visiting at my house.  MY house.  I think she got lost, or her people forgot about her because she is STILL here!!!  What is she STILL doing here???   I mean, she’s not so bad.   She is really cute and all, but she doesn’t DO anything.  She is kind of blobby.  I tell her my best jokes, invite her to play with my cars, but she just blows bubbles and spits up and stares.  I tried to show Lyla how to play with my bouncy balls, but they kind of just bounced off her head.  What DOES she do??   Momma and Daddy have to pay attention to her a lot, but she is small enough that they can hold both of us.   I wonder how long she will be here?

She can't even read!

She can’t even read!

2 thoughts on “Nate’s Notes: What IS SHE Doing Here?

  1. Oh poor Nate!!! Just wait till she gets a little older and can get away with just about anything all the while you get blamed for everything. Coming from a little sister I know what super powers little sisters hold. At least that’s what my older brother was convinced of… and told me… frequently…

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