Nate’s Notes: Chickeeeeen!

I love chickens!  They are super!! And super pretty.  Have you ever seen them up close? Their feathers are popular with Momma and her camera. She says that their feathers have great texture.   Our Ladies are still growing, just like me.  We had some older ladies, but Momma and Daddy said a beast of the night took them.  That’s not very nice if you ask me.  I’m suspicious of their disappearance though.  After all, I have seen Chicken Run.  I know the Ladies make plans to escape, go on holiday and what not. And… I did see some pencils, notepads and rope in the chicken pen before they disappeared.

Anyway, we got baby baby chickens, and I watched them grow on our back deck in a container until they were old enough to move into the chicken pen. Now I get to watch them run around in the chicken pen…which is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  Have you ever seen a chicken run?  It will make all the  “no’s” and “you can’t do that’s” you hear in a day vanish, leaving only a smile on your face and a giggle in your heart.  You almost forget that you aren’t allowed to bounce their white ball thingies that they hide under their butts!

Here are some pictures of grown Ladies from our cousins in Oregon.  When ours grow up, they’ll be travel agents, designers, teachers and stunt doubles.  What?!  Oh…I meant to say that when ours grow up they’ll look like these.

Chickens Running...Oh man. It's the best!!!

Chickens Running…Oh man. It’s the best!!!

Run Ladies, Run!!

Run Ladies, Run!!

2 thoughts on “Nate’s Notes: Chickeeeeen!

  1. I love chickens too – they are what gave me my high school spending money. I had 300 laying hens. Keep taking care of the chickens Nate

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