Nate’s Notes: A Time and a Place to Growl

Yippee!!!  We are on a road trip for an extended field adventure!! I get to spend 14 hours in a car seat as we drive to northern Oregon!!!   I’m still working on refining my sarcasm at this early stage in life, but hopefully you were able to pick up on some of my disapproval.  I’m bubbling over here folks.  Strapped into a car seat…for 14 hours…not able to practice my new walking moves…staring at the back of the car (yes, I’m still in a rear-facing car seat).  Oh joy. *Growl*.    Sure, we stop to stretch, eat, and, of course, take pictures.   The picture-taking part this time is cool with me since it gets me out the car.   We were at one of the stops, an old cemetery, when this little incident happened.

Daddy claims that cemeteries freak him out, so he stayed in the car.  Yeah, right.  I’m on to him.  I know he was just saying that so he could do some super hero stuff.   Anyway, momma got me set up on her back, grabbed her “toy”, and we were off.   Momma was jumpy, but soon became focused on the carved stones, the moss, lichen, cracks in some brick, and the super cool metal fences.  I have to admit, it was too quiet, and I found myself holding my breath looking around quickly.  I scanned the cemetery for anything comforting…I wish I had my lovey.  Momma was stopped at one stone, reading a story, and she seemed sad.  She was so distracted that she didn’t appear to hear what sounded like footsteps behind us.  I couldn’t see over my back and became quite alarmed, twisting and turning.  It was so scary, that I did the only thing I could think of…I growled. I growled Loudly.  Momma jumped and spun around, exclaiming, “Nathaniel!!  Don’t do that!   Your growling scared mommy so much I just about peed my pants!!”   And that’s a bad thing?   I pee my pants all day long!!  What is she trying to say?   I shook it off, ready to growl again at whatever was approaching.   Instead I smiled in relief and yelled, “Hiya!” to daddy, who was standing right there in front of us.  Whew.

2 thoughts on “Nate’s Notes: A Time and a Place to Growl

  1. Very funny! Keep up the great work on the blog! It is one of my favorite things in my day to check in on the blog and see if there has been a new post. Although, “post” is not an entirely accurate or fair descriptor for such entertaining and enjoyable storytelling. Thanks!

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