TMG Philosophy: And Now, For the F-word…

I want to take this opportunity to talk about the “f-word”.  No, not that one.  The four-lettered one!  Oh wait – I know what you are thinking…  No, the word I am talking about is one that we should all be more offended by than the one you thought I meant at the start of this…

I am talking about fear.  Yeah – that f-word.

Fear, at best, can cause us to do stupid things and encourage us to make stupid choices.  Oftentimes it does things even worse than that.  It makes us hesitate to do something or even not do something altogether.   How is that worse you ask…?  How many times have you thought about complimenting someone or something someone does and you stop yourself?  Often it is out of some misplaced, silly, stupid fear that it could be awkward or embarrassing for you in some way if you say something to the person.  Think about that for a second.  Really – we would rather not say something to someone that just might make their day simply because it might be awkward for us…?!  How self-centered and pathetic is that…?

Also – how often have you had a dream or desire to learn something new by taking a class, go visit some far away land, try a new restaurant, try a new hair-style, make a new friend, learn to play a musical instrument, etc…?  What stops you?  Most of the time it is fear.  It is just such a nice convenient excuse.  If I learn to play the piano, I won’t be as good at is as so-and-so and they might make fun of me.  Really?!  You really think your friends and family will make fun of you for trying something new?  No, they won’t so take the risk and get out there!

The world around us provides all sorts of adventure on a daily basis.  We are creative, curious, inquisitive people and I believe we are meant to explore.  That could be exploring an old abandoned village in the Middle East, or exploring a new look with a new haircut.  Either way, it could be a great adventure and why deny yourself the fun of that adventure?  Don’t let the fear of the unknown (many times things you cannot control anyway!) stop you from the life of adventure you should enjoy.

So, let’s agree that the f-word fear and everything it stops us from enjoying in life, should be more offensive than that other f-word.  What do you think…?



5 thoughts on “TMG Philosophy: And Now, For the F-word…

  1. Great! Just what I needed to read with the week ahead of me…and I might just chop off all my hair. :0) Thanks for the nudge!

  2. That is so true! The English language does not really let us understand the good fear and the bad fear.

    What do I mean —

    The good fear can protect us from burning our hand if we touch a hot pan.

    The bad fear can keep us from being all that we were meant to be, like you wrote about.

    Did you ever notice in the Bible, when someone did something out of fear, what they ended up doing was a sin?

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