Nate’s Notes: Dog-Tired…Whatever THAT Means

Momma often says she is dog-tired. I’m not sure about that, or even what it means. As far as I can tell, a dog’s life is easy and full of sleep. How can you be tired with that much sleep? Why would you want to sleep so much? I know I don’t!! There is too much to do and too much to see. Papa and Gram’s dogs are the perfect examples. The big one, Luther, who is really more like a moo- cow than a dog, sleeps a lot. Iris, the little one who is more like a kitty, sure tries to win by sleeping more. They sleep inside, outside, in the shade, in the sun, on the floor, on the couch, together, alone… everywhere and anywhere.
Papa takes them outside to run in the afternoon, and sometimes I get to see this if I am visiting. Actually, Papa takes me outside to run too! He’s super fun like that being a retired super hero and all. That’s how I learned about expo…epo…ag…sposy…oh yea… exposed aggregate (whew, that is a mouth full). When Papa takes me outside, I play with dirt, glorious dirt, and get to smell all the spring flowers. Papa has me touch the bricks around their outside bathtub thingys, the wood on their deck, the moss, the different plant leaves and the side of their house. He tells me about the different textures and says Momma would take pictures of them if she could! Oh man. What DOESN’T she take pictures of?
Of course, when we round the corner, there are those dogs sleeping. Again, I ask, how can anyone be dog tired if they sleep this much? Don’t these dogs know how much they are missing? I point to Luther and say, “Cow!”…and Papa laughs while saying, “Luther isn’t a cow silly. Cows go ‘Moooooo’, and Luther goes ‘Woof’. I know he looks like a cow because he is so big, but he is a doggy!” Could have fooled me. Luther is even black and white like the cows I know. Whatever, Papa will figure it out someday. He clearly has been retired too long. Papa says we have to go back inside for a snack, so we head back to the house.
Being the helper that I am, I decided to bring the textures to Momma that I had just discovered with Papa. So I pulled the flowers and leaves off the plants, grabbed the moss on the bricks, and filled my hands with dirt. I put them all in my pockets. I ran out of room in both pockets so considered putting some things in my mouth, but then Gram discovered my plan when I got inside. She called me a stinker, but my diaper was clean! I was just trying to help! I am sooooo misunderstood. So misunderstood. Maybe I should just go sleep with the dogs.

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2 thoughts on “Nate’s Notes: Dog-Tired…Whatever THAT Means

  1. Wonderful! I will never use the phrase dog-tired again, and I will never think of it without remembering Nate’s evaluation. Thank you.

  2. Maybe a picture of Luther would be good so that people see he is about the size of a cow (a large calf anyway)… What do you think…?

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