Nate’s Notes: BIG Helper

Paint. Paint. Paint.  I would paint all day if Momma would let me.  I have to say, paint ranks up there with mud as far as texture and smearing coolness.  Brushes are cool, but I prefer finger paints.   Although I don’t see why they can’t be body paint…using my belly and feet and nose is genius if you ask me.  Well, one day I saw Momma taking pictures of wet paint.  She took all kinds of them…and used paints to swirl on plates and trays.   She might not have asked me for help, but I could tell she needed it.  So what was I supposed to do?  I rose to the occasion!   While she was busy, I gracefully glided over to my art cupboard to get my paints.   I had a huge surprise for her!!

Fun with Finger Paints

Fun with Finger Paints

She took her pictures, and I started painting.  I painted the floor.  I painted the cupboards. I painted my hair.  I painted my clothes just for good measure.  I’m twicky though…whenever she looked, I smiled and painted my paper.  Then I went back to work.  I painted the chairs.  I painted Wilson the giraffe and Shelldon the turtle.  I painted my Legos and some books.

I had just started on the wall when Momma discovered my surprise.   She gasped.  I beamed.  She opened her mouth.  Then shut it.  Then opened it again. I beamed some more.   Momma was so happy with her surprise that she couldn’t even talk!!  Win for Nate!    “Yay!”, I exclaimed.  “What?!was all she could manage.  Man, she must have been happy because she kept grabbing her head and covering her mouth and saying, “what?!”…and her eyes were really big.  See!  She needs my help.  I did good!  Go me!


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