Nate’s Notes: Plastic Texture

I’m back!  Whew…I was in trouble for snooping in Momma’s journal, so I didn’t have access to writing.  Again, I’d like to point out she continuously leaves her journal WELL within my reach.  I’m a one-year old boy who needs to practice my developing skills.  I’m exploring…is that a CRIME?  She thinks it is, though we are still discussing my point.

Anyway… I like to help Momma around the house.  We wash the floors together in the kitchen and bathrooms (someone needs to get her a mop though because she looks like Cinderella on her hands and knees).  Mostly we have to clean the kitchen floor so much because I throw half of my food on the floor.  I’m trying to feed the dogs because they look at me like I’ll be the most coolest super kid if I share my food.  So I do.  And so Momma says I have to help clean my mess.  That’s how come I know what linoleum is.  As far as I can tell, this linoleum stuff is just on the floors, not walls, or furniture, or outside.  At least it is softer to fall on than the hardwood at Papa and Gram’s house.

I also like to help Momma rearrange drawers of clothes and dishes.  What can I say, I’m a big helper! Momma has a different name for it.   Today I’ll just tell you about the dishes…the plastic ones.  For some reason, she won’t let me help with the glass dishes.  So NOT fun.   Where is her sense of adventure?  Jeez.   So, the plastic ones come in many many many shapes, so many sizes, and so many colors.  Did you know the plastic-maker people can do all that with the stuff?   And apparently many of my toys are plastic?!  But they all look so different!

IMG_9473_edited-1This is A-MAZ-ING.  Seriously…legos, blocks, bath toys, balls, even some dog toys…all plastic. My tricycle thingy…plastic.  My bottles…plastic.  My sippy cup…plastic.  And it doesn’t end there folks.  Wow…I gotta take a minute and sit down… on my plastic chair!

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