Nate’s Notes: Different Houses, Different Families

Sometimes we have to drive around, all of us, so Momma can take pictures. Sometimes I like it…like when it ends in juice, ice cream and M&M’s.   But, when it seems we won’t get that happy ending, Lyla and I scream. A lot. I’ve taught her well.

Before you roll your eyes or shake your heads (YOU REALLY SHOULD SEE YOURSELVES SOMETIMES), you should know screaming is important. It is needed. We are JUST trying to strengthen our lungs, and also tell you something super important. Try listening. Whining is too often ignored. Saying, “Excuse me, please don’t make us,” does NOTHING, despite being polite.

And so, we drive around, Daddy trying to stay calm, turning up the radio, Momma taking pictures like a stalker from the car, me and Lyla screaming. Every so often, Momma or Daddy turn around with comfort attempts OR threats. No success. Makes us louder. And besides, haven’t they ever heard the poem, “You Look Prettier When You Smile”??!!??

Residential Exteriors_0037Anyway, one day Momma was taking pictures of all the different houses, and when not screaming, Lyla kept asking, “Who wiv der?” or “Who house?” Because I had lost my screaming helper, I started thinking. Thinking. And then asking, “Does every family have a different house?” “Who does that family have?” “Do ALL families have a Momma + Daddy + boy + girl?”

Daddy said some families do, but every family is different. Then Momma said every family has a different story, a different way they came together in their houses.  

After I thought some more, I had to know.   “Will we always be a family in our house? Will you always be mine and Lyla’s family and we will always be yours?” Both Momma and Daddy answered at the same time, “ ALWAYS. NO MATTER WHAT. NO MATTER WHERE. ALWAYS.”

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