Nate’s Notes: There Better Be a Horse

I’m back!!  


Sorry it has been so long everyone.  It’s been hard around here lately for us. Or so “they” say. And by us and “they”, I mean the two adults that call themselves Momma and Daddy. I use the word “adults” with a grin, because it seems like they need more time outs/time ins and have more meltdowns than those of us around here who are under 4 feet.  

Actually- I have felt sad and sad-mad too. And scared. And lonely. I can tell you more later.

Before all the really hard, scary stuff started happening again at home, we took a field adventure with Uncle Tim, Auntie Kate, Auntie Tina and Uncle Jon. We drove a little while in the car, not too long. It was long enough though. Long enough for a movie, 1 nap, 2 snacks, 2 puke breaks for Lyla, 3 diaper changes for Lyla, 4 fits (guess who?!), and 5 too many stops for pictures. Okay. It was too long.

There were mountains everywhere we went. We drove by them, on them, up them, over them, and down them.  

Spooky. horse.

Spooky. And…no horse.

Do you see any horses??

Do you see any horses??

No horse here.

No horse here.

The first place we went was a place where people used to live, but didn’t anymore. So, the houses and school, and church and stores were empty. Everyone was gone. Like they went on a field adventure and never came back. They left their stuff, their cars…so much.   I guess it is called a ghost town.

Spooky. Spooky woo woo!!! OOOOOOOO!!!!!

We were there for HOURS, so Lyla and I had to wear Momma and Daddy. Otherwise they would get tired. If they get tired, they get grumpy. If they get grumpy, it is no fun.

Before we even left home, I heard Momma telling Daddy stories about this place, and how we shouldn’t take ANYTHING from the place or bad things might happen. And she said there were spooky stories too. Stories about ghosts. From what I could hear, I guess then that there are big people and a little girl, even a donkey, walking around with sheets over their heads trying to scare people???   The things we drive for hours to see. Sheesh. I don’t get it.

Lyla wore Momma and I wore Daddy.   We tried to stay together most of the time, but Momma got lost in her pictures and Daddy and I explored. BUT, when we WERE all together strange stuff happened. See…all those stories Momma told Daddy, Lyla never heard them. She was at an appointment. So she never heard about the donkey ghost, or the little girl ghost.   And all around the buildings, she kept pointing and saying, “Look at the horsey!! Look! Awe…cute horsey!! Come here horsey!!!”

Goosebumps. I looked. There was no horse. Anywhere. Ever. Never ever.

At first I thought she was being silly. So I laughed. But by the time we left, I was jumping even when someone sneezed, and each time she pointed out the horsey, I told her, “There better be a horsey!!”

There never was.

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