Nate’s Notes: Bone Pictures

“8 little monkeys jumpin’ on the bed. One fell off and bumped his head. Momma called the doctor and the doctor said, ‘No more monkeys jumping on the bed!!’” I love that book. Actually, I love any book. I mean, WHO DOESN’T??!!! Oh wait…Lyla doesn’t. Give me a break.

Actually, that happened. I mean…I got a break. Yea. I was just reading my book. Maybe I was sitting on the bench in a way that Momma told me not to. I’m not saying I was, just that it is possible. I’m two. C’mon.

So yea, I was reading this amazing book and I fell. It happened fast and probably is the most scared I have ever been. I cried. I kicked and I cried. I cried so loud and hard that I couldn’t breathe. Momma was right there to hold me.   She kept telling me I was safe. She kept telling me she was there and that Daddy was coming soon.   She rubbed my head, sang me songs and loved me. But all I could do was cry. I cried so much that Lyla started crying.

Everything started to get cold. It hurt so much that I started shaking and shaking. Momma sang louder then and told me again I was safe, I was loved. I felt like if I just went to sleep that it would be better.   I don’t remember Daddy coming home, but when he did, I was almost asleep.  

Momma called the doctor and the doctor said… “Bring him in.”   So I got to go to a big huge doctor’s office. It was called a hopitoo. No…hospy. No…hospital!! Everyone was really nice there.   The nice doctor even called me a superhero. He called me a brave boy!!   It hurt when he tried to move me, so he said we needed pictures. He said it was probably broken. Wait…what??

Oh perfect. Him too??!!! Great. I’m surrounded by people who take pictures. What could this doctor POSSIBLY want to take pictures of at a time like this?? Can’t I catch a break??!!   Wait, I’m broken?   Did he just say I was broken????   That didn’t sound good. Not at all.

A woman came and got me and Momma. We got to wear capes and stand on a stool. Then a big big machine came at me. The woman told me it was going to take pictures of me. So I smiled. She told me not to. Someone’s a grumpy pants. I stood really still and the machine took pictures …of my bones!!!   My bones!!!   Now, THAT is a cool camera. I’m asking for one for my next birthday.  

After the pictures, we got a special brace for me. It hurts. But the doctor said Momma and Daddy would help me feel better, and keep me safe.   I broke my collar bone. Whatever that is. It just feels like my shoulder is on fire.

It isn’t fun. Everyone tells me to stop doing this, and stop doing that because I will get hurt. Everyone watches everything I do. I do get to read a lot of books, which is cool.   But I can’t run that much, or jump…or do EVERYTHING a two-year old boy NEEDS to do all day long. I DO get extra hugs and cuddles. Momma and Daddy do keep me safe.

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  1. I just love reading these, Kate thank you for directing me towards them and Nate just keep writing it’s such fun to see the world for your perspective, hope the collar bone heals quickly and you are back to jumping around soon. God bless and thank you x

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