Nate’s Notes: Even Superheroes Need a Break

Before you keep reading you should know this is Nate’s Momma. He had a little accident last week and needed a break, some time to heal. So I thought I’d write his little “note” today. You should also know that not all his “notes” are Momma-approved…but who am I to squelch his creativity?!

When Nate isn’t stealing my computer to write, taking pictures with everything BUT his own camera, leaving notes about how our day should go, and bossing his baby sister around, he actually does regular, 2-year-old boy stuff! Believe it or not, he does. He reads, plays with cars, planes, trains and Legos. But then I guess you probably know that. I’ve read an entry or two.

Well, last week he was being a 2-year-old boy when he fell off the bench and snapped his little clavicle bone all the way through! I saw it happen out of the corner of my eye as I picked up his cranky baby sister. I knew. I knew it was a bad one. Not the last, I’m sure, but as the first, it felt traumatic.

The break!

The break!

At the emergency room, the attending doctor warned us it was a bad break, that it might be hard to see the x-rays and hear that news. Nate, however, was charming everyone there, making friends with all. When we left, the doctor told him he was a superhero.

We already knew that.

The days that followed his accident have only proven that, as if we had any doubt. You see, here is a 2-year old with a broken bone that can’t be cast and thus, is constantly reminded of the pain as he tries to use that arm and shoulder. Here is a 2-year old who is the poster child for a running, jumping, climbing, non-stop boy, and yet isn’t allowed to be physical for awhile. Try telling him that!!  When I watch him move, wince, cry and quietly declare, “I have an owie…I feel pretty sad. Maybe I will feel better toonono,” I get a little sad. Nate doesn’t miss a thing, and notices this. He is the one hurting, and he comes up to me with those eyes and takes my hand saying, “It’s okay Momma. Don’t be sad. You will be fine.  I love you. I will keep you safe.”  Be. Still. My. Heart.

He takes my breath away. His tenderness and ability to touch my soul amaze me. He is my superhero. But it seems, even superheroes need a break. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll be back to writing next week!

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One thought on “Nate’s Notes: Even Superheroes Need a Break

  1. So sorry to hear of Nate’s broken bone. It must be painful for all of you. God made Nate’s bones and God will heal his bone. ( God’s good that way ).

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