Nate’s Notes: Flutterbies

It’s possible I talk A LOT.  It’s also possible I talk A LOT about disliking the car rides, the massive camera carrying and picture taking, the embarrassing Momma-in-public-with-the-camera moments, and the long days. Even though it’s no secret I protest these things… I still think it is pretty cool to be able to see all that I do.  I haven’t been alive that many years and already traveling is a super big part of my life.  Not just vacations.  I’m talking day trips and field adventures too! Yes, Momma actually has me calling them adventures.  Last month we went to really cool place with fast roller rides and animals!  

Some of my favorite animals were there: an elephant (who was taking a bath- a BATH!), giraffes, and really big kitty cats who just looked like they wanted to snuggle!  They made really good eye contact to, those big kitty cats.  Hmmm…

Anyway, the best part was meeting the flutterbies.  We got to go in their house! Someone needs to tell them to turn the fireplace down because it was warm warm warm!  And it was all plants and no chairs or toys.  Strange.  Anyway, they are so little that we had to stand still and just look for them.  Seriously, they asked ME, a toddler with very little self control, to stand still.  After a few loud moments, I caught sight of a flutterby just near us.  That made me stop.  So I just watched.

Momma had a goofy grin, and Daddy was watching me, no doubt to make sure I didn’t move or talk.  Hasn’t he ever heard of having a little faith??!!   I looked back at the floating flutterby and waited.  Actually, what were we waiting for?  I still don’t know.   As I started to make a dash for the door and more animals, I saw not just one flutterby, but another and another…and so many flutterbies!  They were everywhere, floating and flying to us like they were gonna say hi. 

Flutterby, flutterby, floating by!

Flutterby, flutterby, floating by!

One DID say hi!  She landed on my hand!  Please remember how hard it is for me to stand still.  Not only did I have to now stand still, but I wasn’t allowed to grab the pretty little flutterby.  I was almost itching I wanted to grab her so badly and take her home.  A new toy!  She eventually flew away to go play with her friends.  Even after she left me, I just stood still.  Amazing.  This definitely goes down on my list of best adventures.  

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