Nate’s Notes: Not Just About Taking Pictures

Okay, I’m 2 now.  It’s time to start getting serious about what my options are for the future.  Awhile ago, I admitted that it wouldn’t be so bad to take pictures like Momma does.  After all, you get to see things in a different way, like a whole new world, when you look through a camera.   For you other kids out there, it’s kinda like when we get to start facing forward in our car seats.   You see trees, birds, flowers, and buildings that you didn’t before.

Now, because I’m only 2 and Momma, even Daddy, are constantly exposing me (ha ha) to the world of cameras and taking pictures, I don’t have many other choices on the list.   I know I like cars…a lot.  I like running… a lot.  I like animals…a lot.  I like books…a lot.  But just because you like something, doesn’t mean you can put food on the table with it.   So, for now, photography can stay at the top of my short list.

Of course, I’m noticing that it isn’t just about taking pictures.  Sure, the field adventures are super fun.  We get to see new things and learn new things.  I’m even starting to figure out what Momma will take a picture of before she does.   After all the fun, Momma sits on the computer for a gazillion hours.   When I want her to read a book, she’s loading pictures.  When I want to build a tower, she’s working on photos so they are straight.  When I want to run, she’s getting rid of blurry photos.  Pff…see, even big people take blurry photos.  And you think it’s “cute” when I do it!   When I want to race cars, she’s putting all the door pictures together, or all the animals, or the benches, or the clouds together.   I have mad sorting skills now so I’m really helpful, even if she tells me, “no pushing buttons!”.    Then, just when I think she is done, she starts naming and numbering each picture!  Whaaatttt????

And it doesn’t end there!   When they are named and numbered, she puts them on the spiderweb…no, site…no cobweb…no …. WEBSITE!   When they are there, she adds even more words.  Always with the words.  She tells me she has to add “key” words.   So, like with my cars, she says, “car, cars, race cars, toy, toys, wheels, metal cars, moving toys”.   I don’t get what all those words have to do with keys.  Maybe she means the car keys?  Hmm….well, I AM only 2, so a lot of your big people stuff still doesn’t make sense.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is way more to Momma’s work than just taking pictures.   It take a lot of time!  More time than I thought it did, and more time than I want it to.  What is the point of being at home if you can’t play all the time!????!!!  Yea…I figured you had  no good answer.   Lyla and I will have to work on a new daily schedule for her… I have many many ideas!

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