Nate’s Notes: Always Remember

Today I’m 2.  Momma and Daddy and everyone else seem pretty happy about that.  To me it’s just another day with my cars and books.  I don’t feel any different.  I don’t look any different.  Trust me, I checked in the mirror…for a long time.  Have you ever made faces in the mirror?  It’s so fun!  Anyway, I guess it’s cool because I got some new cars, a book, some new pajamas and sixty-seven-eleventeen money buttons for my piggy bank.

On the television this morning while Momma was trying to find my train show, I noticed a lot of people were sad on different pictures.  “Oh noooo!  What happened?!  Boy cwying…”  I said to Momma.   She caught me staring at it so she snatched me up and hugged me.   She told me a story about buildings and people who got hurt and couldn’t be here anymore, like some of the people we love in our family have gone away too.  She told me about superhero people who tried to help.  She said some of those people were like my Uncle Brett and Uncle Josh who drive fire trucks.  It sounds like a lot of people got hurt and a lot of people needed many hugs and loves because of what happened.  That does seem sad.  Momma said this happened on the same day I was going to be born on, but many years before I was born.  That is why people talk about it this day.

After the story, I felt like hugs a little bit more, so Lyla and I stayed on Momma’s lap.  I guess people will never forget what happened that day.  I guess good things happened too though because it sounds like when people were scared, everyone helped everyone to try and make it better.  That seems like a nice thing.  That is what I’m going to remember.

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