Nates Notes: All Good Things Come to An End

Well, we FINALLY made it home. I think I’m mostly happy about it.  Momma went over the numbers when we got home, and kept saying,All good things come to an end, Nate.”   Okay.  I guess that is what I feel like when my favorite train show is over.  But why would she say that about the trip? 

So here are the numbers.  We drove 5,125 miles from home, across that crazy map to Minnesota and back home.   86 hours of driving- might as well have been a trillion-million-eleventy-four as far as I am concerned.  16: the number of times Momma yelled, “Stop!  I want to take that picture!!!”.   3 toy cars lost to the open road.  5 stops due to planned pooping (score for Nate) thus allowing me to run in slow motion while yelling, freeeeeeee!.   5,962 pictures taken by Momma and Daddy.  221 of the pictures were just of me and baby Lyla.   6 pictures taken BY me.  Those are the BEST ones.   In my opinion, there aren’t enough pictures with the blurry effect on the websites.   Nobody asks me though.  

Moving on… 12 car naps, 11 tunnels, 10 states, 9 books read, 8 hotels, 7 tantrums (guess who), 6 McDonalds stops (the horror), 5 early morning starts before 7am, 4 light and drum shows, 3 National Monument stops, 2 amazing nights in a pool…  and 1 prison (besides the ever-present car seat).  



The number of times we laughed- so many I can’t count that high yet.   Yep, I guess all good things do come to an end. 

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3 thoughts on “Nates Notes: All Good Things Come to An End

  1. Laughs should never come to an end, Nate. Always keep your sense of humor.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful number trip! :-)

  2. So glad that you were able to meet family, and experience such fun adventures this summer! Great fun when things turn out better than we ever expected!

  3. Hey Nate – you should ask papa and gram about the time I took a road trip with them (pre-car seat days!) and I occupied myself in the backseat of their new car with only a can of Crisco and the cloth seats! Now THAT was fun!

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