Nate’s Notes: Heading Home

Okay, okay.   So I have already confessed that I was wrong about how horrible this road trip would be.   I didn’t realize how many super super cool places we were going to see.  I mean, they could have told me about the place in Utah where someone spilled all that salt.  It sure does sparkle!   Or the big big hay balls that are as tall as three of me.  Or the old train engines at Pioneer Village you can climb all over.   Nobody told me I would see a whole building with corn all over the walls.  Yea- the walls are made of corn cobs!!   It kind of makes my head hurt a little bit to think that nobody ate all that corn.  I love corn.   Clearly there is a shortage of proper building materials in that part of South Dakota.  I mean, if Momma or Daddy had told me I would see pink rock, broken water, falling water, AND get to run through a rock tunnel at Pipestone in Minnesota, I may have been a little more cooperative.  Maybe.  It would have saved a lot of crying…by everyone! 

What a waste...

What a waste…

All that corn...

All that corn…

Now it’s the end of day 3 on our journey home and I’m trying to figure out if I’m happy about the promise of home just 2 days away…or if I’m feeling like I need extra hugs.   I got to do and see a lot on this trip…and we aren’t even done.  We get to see some devil rock, some moon thingies, and some ghost towns that I’ll tell you about later.  I even get to take some of my own pictures!!  But there are long long days in the car…in and out, in and out.  You feel trapped after awhile and no amount of books or cars or crackers makes it better.  So I SHOULD be happy about heading home, right?   I’m going to have to think about this a little.  Hmmm… I think I need a hug.   

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2 thoughts on “Nate’s Notes: Heading Home

  1. Sending lotsof hugs to all of you Nate! Hang in there, you will be home soon and in your own bed. That will be the best part. Then you WILL want to take another ride in the car again, just maybe not so long of one for a while.

    HUG! 😀

  2. Nate, I have seen the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD two or three times, and each time it is just amazing. I’m glad you saw that. You will enjoy returning when you are older and seeing it again. What a wonderful trip you have had!

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