Nates Notes: On the Road Again

On the road again….just can’t wait to get on the road again.   Whaaaattt??!!!  Whoever wrote that song never spent 5 days in the back of a minivan strapped to a lumpy car seat, unable to use his legs.  5 days. 5 days of my life I’ll never get back, even if we did make it to Minnesota. 

The song is stuck in your head now too, huh?!  Man…if I never hear that song hummed or sung again, I’ll be okay.  I mean, I’m a toddler- we love repetition.  We thrive off of repetition.  C’mon though… repeating the whole car seat thing is not something that should ever be continual for over 2,000 miles across 7 states.  Again, I don’t know what miles or states are, but I do know that my butt will never be the same.  Thank goodness for diapers. 

And Momma wouldn’t shut up about how cool maps are.  “Maps this… maps that.  Nate, just wait until you see how cool maps are!”   Yea, yea.  I have an idea for her maps, but I probably shouldn’t share it.   I’m not supposed to say things that are mean or ugly.   

Sure there were cool things to see out the window.  There were rocks I’ve never seen before, things called farms I didn’t know could exist.  Corn field after corn field after corn field.  I love corn.   I got to see and hear my first lightning and thunderstorm too!  Lights flash all over the sky and then people play drums after the lights!  I wasn’t scared at all…mostly because Daddy was holding me.  Please don’t tell anyone.

There was also a cool place that Momma said is where bad people and kids who don’t listen have to spend a lot of time.   Really?  Because I thought that place was called a car seat in the back of a minivan.   Anyway, there were cool wood ladders, lots of windows with bars, different brick than what we have seen, and big b-balls with chains on them everywhere.  Cool!  These bad people get to play with b-balls?   What do they do with the chain?  Hmmm.  

We also got to stop at a spot called Pioneer Village.  There were so many tractors!  And a train to climb all over!  And airplanes!! And room to run and use my legs!!  And…then they shoved me back in a car.  Again.  For 2 more days.

As they buckled me back into my prison, they were humming On the road again…”.  

2 thoughts on “Nates Notes: On the Road Again

  1. Nate, I agree with you that thunderstorms are wonderful. I grew up in Iowa. Your mom can show you where that is on the map. Oh, wait, I mentioned a map . . . I thoroughly enjoyed going to bed with a thunderstorm going on outside, and the closer it was the better. I loved the flash of light and the thundering crash that followed. I’m glad that you are able to enjoy the thunderstorms, too.

  2. I like the light show and drums too Nate! Be sure to take your nap when you are “on the road again” and stay awake all night when everybody else is trying to sleep. HA!

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