Nate’s Notes: Full Hearts

Momma usually takes her camera everywhere so she can take pictures for work.  I just learned that, by the way:  Daddy works away from home and Momma works at home or when we go on field adventures.  I’m not sure which is cooler.  Anyway, a couple of days ago, we went to what felt like a big party.  There were tents, balloons, music, food and lots of people.  Seemed like the perfect place for Momma to embarrass us with her crazy picture taking shenanigans.  I’ll let you sit down before I tell you this next part.  Sitting yet? Okay-  she didn’t bring her camera…on purpose…like, for reals.

I’ll let that sink in.  Yea…my super-camera-freak Momma did NOT bring her camera to this party thing.  Missed opportunity if you ask me.  But no one asked me.  I, however, did ask in increasing volume as we were leaving the house, “Momma, Momma, Mom, Mommy… camma? Camma?”  But they just rushed me and Baby Lyla into the car and away we went.  Okay.  I tried.

DSC_0308When we got there it was pretty fun to see all the tents and balloons and hear the music. Look at the cool pictures Momma could get with those balloons! There were banners everywhere, but I couldn’t read the words.  People kept saying “Relay for Life” though, whatever that means. We started walking…around and around and around the track.   We walked with me in the stroller, with me pushing the stroller, with me running away from Momma and Daddy, with me running with Momma, with me on Daddy’s back, we walked.  We just went around and around.  I didn’t mind because I’m really fast.   I just kept going and saying, “Nate weely fast.  Nate weely fast!” 

While I was showing off my super-hero-in-the-making super fast skills, Momma and Daddy started talking.   They were super serious.  How can anyone be serious with balloons and music around???  I heard them say they were both glad we had left the cameras home so we could just focus on this moment.  They said they felt peace to be here today and just remember people they loved that aren’t here anymore because they got sick.  Momma said she was honored to walk, happy to help fight this sickness, and excited to see friends who were sick be hopeful.  They got quiet and both started crying a little.  That made me get quiet.  They were holding hands, so I grabbed their hands.  That made Momma cry more.  She told me her heart was very full.  Ummm…like my tummy?  Does that mean we weren’t eating lunch?

Momma said she wished we could walk the whole 24 hours, to walk until it hurt and walk some more because it was like nothing the sick people had gone through.  I could tell this meant a lot to both Momma and Daddy so I gave them hugs.   They said they were so happy because 2 years ago, when they walked the whole 24 hours at Relay, when it was all over, I was born and their lives became better, their hearts fuller.  And that, they said, helped heal the sadness of lost loved ones.

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