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Lets dive right in and talk about publications in print. I am a real TECHIE but for some reason when I get a new magazine I flip through from the back to the front. When I come across a article that stands out I will read it in full.

One of the publications that I look forward to reading every month is 3D Artist,  its a UK publication and is Choc-full-O-goodness! I am new to the 3D world, but my love for art runs deep into my childhood. They always have top artists showing off their work in the latest movies or video games. They cover all disciplines of artistry to include Matte Painting.

Matte painting is the art that most of the time you think is real. Film makers use it for a painted representation of a landscape. CG artists can then blend the matte painting into a live shot. Here is a video made a few years ago by the Discovery Channel VIDEO.

I look forward to writing more about our industry. Feel free to leave a comment below or send a email to suggest a topic.

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