Nate’s Notes: Lions, Tigers, and…Tea?

So I got to pull an adventure paper out of our tin, you know, that whole Drawing Game thing where you never actually get to draw.  Anyway…I pulled the paper and ran. Who doesn’t like a game of chase?   After Momma caught me and gave me that look…she took the paper and smiled really big.  I smiled back and waited…and waited…and….waited.  Tell me! Tell me!  Tell me!  I started jumping up and down and running in circles in the kitchen.  The waiting was driving me crazy…or at least that seemed like a good reason to act crazy.

Then she told me:  The San Francisco Zoo and Japanese Tea Gardens!!  Lions and tigers and bears oh my!!!  And the zoo train!  “Twain! Twain! Twain!” I shouted.    I’m not ashamed to admit I may have spit a little bit…and drooled too when I shouted train.  Come on, like you’ve never gotten that excited!?!  Don’t judge me people.

Yea, so after 2 more nights sleeping in my big boy bed, we get to go to the zoo and ride the train and see the elephants and pet the goats and and and…  Whew.  I’m so excited I just peed my pants!!!  Again…you are going to judge me??? A toddler in potty training???  C’mon!!!

Oh yea, and we have to take pictures.  Lots of pictures.  Always lots of pictures.  Pictures of this…pictures of that.   But we’ll be at the zoo so I don’t care how Momma acts!  She’ll just blend in with the animals and stuff.

Wait, what’s a “Tea Garden”?  Do we just go drink tea?  But I’m not allowed to drink tea. Oh goodness.  Hmmm…oh well, I get to go to the zoo!