SketchUp IMHO: Don’t Forget Those Tutorials

As I said in an earlier post, SketchUp is quite easy to use and with just a bit of effort, you will find that you are modeling very quickly and confidently. Aside from getting in there and using the program – the best way to learn what it can do (without formal training) is to watch the tutorial videos that SketchUp has created.

These videos can be found on the SketchUp website under “Training”. There are twenty-eight videos under the heading “New to SketchUp.” The videos are divided into four introductory videos to get you started with the basics, then twenty four videos, each of which focuses on a tool in the program. You can get quite a bit out of these and I would encourage you to watch all of them, even if you already think you know everything there is to know about a tool.

Next, there are 10 videos under the heading “Familiar with SketchUp”

that give you more in-depth information on setting up and using scenes, more accuracy in your modeling, making dynamic components (which are really cool!) and other techniques.

Finally, there are 4 more videos under the heading “Expert in SketchUp” which show you how to use SketchUp with other CAD programs, using SketchUp with Photoshop, modeling architectural elements more accurately and efficiently, and other techniques.

All in all, the videos are well made and informative and I think they are a valuable resource for learning SketchUp quickly and at your own time and pace.

Go on – give them a try…


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