Nate’s Notes: Babies are Exhausting AND They Ruin Your Brain

Oh my.  Babies are exhausting.   They don’t do much, AND they sleep a lot during the day…but they sure are tiring.  

It’s possible I was mistaken.  I’ve decided naps are pretty amazing, if nothing else to just rest and escape from any baby crying and fussing. Sometimes a guy just needs a little alone time after being around a baby that much.  It might help if she started doing things around the house.  She doesn’t pick up her own toys; she makes messes and doesn’t have to clean them up. She doesn’t do chores like feed the animals, help with laundry, clean the floors with Momma or put groceries away.   I have to do it all!!  And if that wasn’t exhausting enough, I have to help feed her, burp her, bring diapers to Momma, put her dirty clothes in the washer, and bring her toys to Momma.  It doesn’t end there.  Apparently I’m a pretty entertaining kid because she smiles and laughs a lot when she sees me.  So I have to entertain her too!   Man, I’m exhausted just telling you about it.  I don’t know what Momma and Daddy would do without me.  Seriously. 



What was a saying?  Sorry, I dosed a little there.  Oh yea, because of baby Lyla, Momma and Daddy need my help, like always. That brings me to field adventures.   *Yawn*.  Not only do I now have to distract and charm people from Momma’s embarrassing picture-taking behavior, now I have to help point things out.   Both Momma and Daddy are clearly distracted by Lyla, otherwise they wouldn’t ask me to help.   For example, when we were out the other day, I saw tractors and diggers so I made sure Momma would notice and take pictures.  She would have walked right by these amazing machines had I not exclaimed, “Oh my! Momma Momma- twactah! Twactah!!  Digga!! Momma.”    To my horror, she asked, “Is that a tractor Nater?  Do you see a tractor?  Where’s the tractor?”  farm-equipment_0093Ummm…did I not JUST POINT IT OUT!!!???  She didn’t even know it was a tractor.  Pshaw.  That baby girl is ruining her brain or something, because she should really know what a tractor is.   Back to farm puzzles for her!!   Like I said, I don’t know what they would do without me.  *Yawn*.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go take a nap. 

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