Nate’s Notes: Huffa-Puffa Huffa-Puffa

They say change is good.  Until a couple of months ago, I would have agreed to this only in terms of diapers.   You have to remember, I am going through a LOT of changes right now:  I am growing, I face forward in the car now, I have to sleep in my room in a big boy bed, there is a new baby here that seems to not be going away, I have to give up the bottle, the new Imagery website keeping Momma busy, and did I mention that baby?   So all this means new routines, new outings, new ideas.   I’m not going to lie, all of this is slightly overwhelming and the cause of many tantrums (Momma’s not mine).  But, I’m also seeing some good things come from these changes.  

Like I mentioned before, I get to have many more shenanigans since Momma is so busy.   I get to do big boy stuff now like brush my teeth (toothpaste tastes a-mazing!!!), help set the table, water the garden, and take care of that baby.   She needs a LOT of care.  Seriously, for not doing very much besides eating and sleeping, she needs a super lot of care.  Anyway, there are still a ton of things I don’t get to touch or do, but I can be patient.   One of the BEST changes is the kind of field adventures we do.  Now we get to go to cool places like the zoo, museums and train town.  Sit down people, because I’m about to tell you about these amazing machines.  You sit on them.  You ride them.   They have bells and whistles.  Literally,  not figuratively.  They are the most fun and fantastic thing, even more so than bananas, books and bouncy balls.  Trains.  They huff, they puff (no they aren’t the bad wolf), they chug and they choo.   I got to ride my very first train at the zoo, then again at train town.  

Big Bumpers!

Big Bumpers!

Wow. Traintastic!!  Plus, you know what?  My Papa knows all about trains!!  Actually, I think he lives on the train.   When Momma or Daddy ask me where Papa is (they always seem to misplace him), I answer, “Papa. Wide da twain!”…and they just smile.   So it must be true.  I could fall asleep listening to the sound of huffa-puffa…huffa-puffa…choo-choo…huffa-puffa…choo-choo.  I guess change might be okay after all.   Ride the rails!!!

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  1. Nate, when I was a boy I was fascinated by trains. As an old adult I still am. One of my unfulfilled childhood and young adulthood dreams was to have a model train layout. Now there are other things that are more important to me, but perhaps someday you can create one. It is a wonderful way to explore the world of railroading. And I am sure your parents think you need more things for you to beg for. HA!

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