Nate’s Notes: *Sigh* -It All Started With Textures…

It’s happening all over again.  Oh-By the way, SHE is still here.  What does she think this place is, Extended Stay or something?   I mean, seriously.   I am kind of getting used to her and her noises…and smells.   And, honestly, having her around seems to be working in my favor.   Momma says that with limited time and limited hands, she has to pick her battles with me, whatever that means.  All I know is that my shenanigans go mostly unnoticed since Lyla came to live with us.   Score for me! 

TMG Imagery

So anyway, like I shared last time, “they” are busy busy busy taking more photos, different kinds of photos, and opening the Imagery site.  As if the textures weren’t bad enough.  At least with textures, I felt like there was an end in sight.   I mean, how many pictures of concrete, wood, metal and leaves can a person take?   A normal person???  Well, now they don’t just take one or two pictures in one spot.  They take, like, a lot.  Like way more than I have books and toys.  

They are back to embarrassing me all over.  We are walking along, and Momma or Daddy stop and take a picture of a door.  Then, instead of casually moving along, it’s like they decide what they can each do that will bring the most stares.  So they take a picture from the left, then the from right, then close to the ground, then they find a bench or chair and stand on that to take a picture of the door. Then the bench.  Once again, the opportunity to move on arrives…but they don’t.  By this time people are giving me sympathetic glances.  Now Momma or Daddy get up close to the door and take pictures of the door knob, the handles, the wood grain, the paint, the hinges, any windows, the building, the cars, the parking meter thingies, the lights, and more.  It doesn’t end.  SOMEONE save me. Anyone!?!  Better yet, leave me and save that baby girl while she still has a chance.   Yea, Lyla comes along on the field adventures now too.  She’s E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

See, with the Imagery site, there will be tons and tons more pictures of anything you can think of.   I don’t even know what that means.  To me, it translates to MORE field adventures and MORE occasions to be humiliated by Momma and Daddy’s behavior. They need a SERIOUS time out or something.  Well, until I can finalize my plans to flee, I’ll be subjected to this.  Besides, SOMEONE has to look out for Lyla; she has no idea what her life is going to be like here with these crazy picture-taking people. I blame the textures.  It all started with textures.    

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