Nate’s Notes: A Lovey Lost…Clarity Found

This isn’t easy, but I feel ready to talk about my lost lovey (the most amazing blanket that gave me special powers).   We were on an extended field adventure, taking architectural pictures in a big Oregon city when it was lost.  THIS time, I didn’t throw it out of the stroller…it just left me. (Hold on, I need a moment.)  

I freaked out, of course.  I NEED the lovey!  It helps me!  It makes me feel safe!!   What was I going to do without it???  Panic. Panic.  Panic. Then… anger, anger, anger…my lovey left me because of some stupid pictures!!!  Momma and Daddy looked sick while we went back over the big city sidewalks and streets to find it. But we never did.  For awhile, nobody said anything. We eventually went into a store and found a blanket, but by then, I guess I was asleep in Momma’s arms, just exhausted from the trauma of losing my lovey.   So, when I woke up, this blanket was on me…it kind of felt the same…and it was white too…but it didn’t have bears on it and certainly didn’t smell right.   I just wanted to go back to sleep…so I did.   When I woke up again, the new blanket was still there.   I started to panic again, but then looked at Momma.  In her eyes was so much love that the panic went away, and I felt safe and warm.   She hugged me and rocked me some more while Daddy came over to rub my head.  He kissed my forehead (super heroes don’t often do this in public, so I knew the situation was bad).   After a few minutes, I actually felt okay, maybe even stronger than before!!   I realized then, that it wasn’t the lovey that had given me special powers.  It was Momma and Daddy.  Because they love me, I knew I could do anything.  I felt strong and safe with them, so it didn’t matter what lovey I had, as long as I had them.  I guess I could give this new blanket a chance.

Somewhere on the streets of that big city…the lovey found a new person who needed help…who needed to feel safe because he didn’t have a Momma and Daddy like me.

Hey look at that cool, old building over there with all the pretty glass windows!!  We should go take pictures of that!!

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