Nate’s Notes: Momma’s Journal on Social Awkwardness

Please read this journal entry by momma.   It speaks for itself.

 “Well, we’re home from our quick adventure to the Portland area of Oregon.  The road trip provided some amazing opportunities to see not only family, but also the beauty of Fall, a couple ghost towns and cemeteries, and some great city architecture.  What fantastic photos to take!   Unfortunately, the trip also reminded me of my social awkwardness. 

 When your job and passion entails taking pictures, you really do look at landscapes and buildings with more than a passing glance.  I glimpse textures of wood, metal and brick from afar, and notice colors and objects framing shots constantly.  If I’m not careful to turn this quirk “off”, at the very least, it exhausts the people I’m around.  More likely, though, it makes me seem completely unhinged to onlookers.   For example, as we’re driving along, I now blurt out shots I notice of textures we need to capture.  This translates into random and interrupting announcements such as, “composite roofing!”, “rusty metal!”, “carved ice, carved ice!”, “cracked plaster!”, “distressed and weathered wood!”, “sand!”, “painted brick!”, “cracked concrete!”, “oooooo, cool utility cover!”, “hay!”, “peeling paint!“, “go baaaaack!”, and so on…and so on.   Now, if only in the company of my husband and baby, this is marginally acceptable, and earns me rolling eyes from Chad and what seems to be a blank, if not slightly disapproving, stare from baby Nate.  However, when out with a friend, or at the store, or walking downtown, these exclamations earn me judging glances, pursed lips, scowls dripping with disdain (or maybe fear), and more than a few head shakes.  If I’m really on a roll, I then try to explain what my narrating blurts mean to onlookers.  This usually turns into fragmented mumbling, my voice trailing off as I then just stop all talking, stare and blink at the person I’m trying to convince of my sanity.  Silence is met by more silence.  Then I audibly sigh, break eye contact, and move on. Sometimes I pretend someone is calling me from across the street or store.   No awkwardness there! My poor family…” 

It’s me, Nate, again.  Well, you read it!  See what I’m saying????!!!  It’s okay if you feel sorry for me…

2 thoughts on “Nate’s Notes: Momma’s Journal on Social Awkwardness

  1. Hi Amanda! I am loving your posts. Had to comment on this particular one, because I have a feeling you can imagine looks I might be getting in security-conscious Abu Dhabi, when I take random photos of signs or various objects. One day I was taking photos inside our villa compound (yes, they say ‘compound’ instead of ‘complex’ here, but we are not isolated as the word might imply), and one of the security guys made sure I lived in the compound. Glad they are protective, but now I am even more conscious of looks :-)

  2. Nate, turn on your charm and get mama around living people! She needs help and you are the one to do it buddy!

    Or you could just cry every time she brings out the camera. hee hee

    Or call Uncle Tim…. :-)

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