Nate’s Notes: Numbers Revisited

We’re back from our extended field adventure.  Here are a few numbers from the trip:  5 days, 1500 miles, 31 hours in the car, 4 gas stops, 13.1 miles that momma ran in under 2 hours, 4 amazing cousins, 1307 pictures, and 21 new books.  There was also one lovey lost (for good this time), and one new one purchased.  I can’t talk about those right now though …just too hard.

Last time I wrote about numbers, I think I expressed my frustration about the focus of those numbers being more on pictures taken when it should be on the cereal puffs and bananas I’m fed or the number of books read to me.   Apparently my language isn’t clear enough to my momma.   Sure I love to count to 10 as much as the next guy.   But now we talk about thousands and thousands…and thousands.   And I’m dizzyingly lost.

Once again, my mom and the people she works with say things like, “Wahoo!!” and “Very Cool!” and “No stopping us!”about the number of pictures on a website.   Pictures people.  Pictures.   Here’s a picture for you…imagine a grown woman doing some awkward jumping and turning in an attempt to dance when she gets a message on her phone that says, “we’ve passed 14,000 original images and we’re rounding the corner to 15,000!!”   Yea.  Welcome to my world.

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