Nate’s Notes: I Was JUST Trying to Help!

I’m not sure how many times I have to tell people that I’m a big boy now.  I mean, Daddy calls me a “little man”, so….yea.  I know a lot.  Like…a lot.  I know things people don’t think I know.  I watch everything.  That’s why I know Momma needs help with taking pictures.

So the other day, the big helper I am, well, there was nothing for me to do but help.  Momma was trying to get photos of the fur on our dogs, Ellie and Benson.   She calls them wiggle butts because they move so much and she could never get a good shot.  Really?  They move a lot???  I seem to remember them ALWAYS sleeping, but complaining about being dog-tired. Guess what they are doing now?  Oh, would you look at that!  They are sleeping.  I am so surprised. That was without sarcasm, by the way.  I’m too young to know about sarcasm.

Go ahead...tell me they could possibly be tired!!

Go ahead…tell me they could possibly be tired!!

Anyway, Momma really wanted to get these fur texture shots but was getting frustrated.  Since her camera is off limits (boooo!), I decided I would capture the fur in a more creative way.  When Momma turned her back, I carefully approached the lazy beasts.  I placed my hands on their sides, and when they picked up their heads, I pretended I was going to pet them, or hug them, or tickle them, or something.   They quickly returned to snoozing. Surprise, surprise.  I seized the opportunity and grabbed a handful of fur from each.  Luckily, they are shedding their winter coats so it came out pretty easily and they only seemed slightly startled!  I started a pile.  It grew.  Oooo, Momma was going to be so happy! I could see her joy now. Just imagine the pictures she could take!

When she turned around again, I beamed proudly.   She grabbed her head, made a strange shrieking noise, and loudly said, Nathaniel!  Stop!  WHAT are you DOING????”  Uuhhhh…was that a trick question?  It had to be a trick question.  Clearly I was helping her!  By this time I was sitting on Benson’s neck for better leverage.  Stop!, she yelled again.  She rushed over so quickly, lifted me off Benson, and kept making strange noises while checking on the dogs and shaking her head. Why was she reacting out of proportion? What was her problem?  Had her lower brain hijacked her upper brain?  I was JUST trying to help…

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3 thoughts on “Nate’s Notes: I Was JUST Trying to Help!

  1. Love the picture! And Nate . . . There are going to be lots of ways for you to help. Just you wait!

    (Amanda, hijacked brain??? LOL)

  2. Fabulous!! (The photo and the story.) Little ones want to help. Wish I had seen the humor in it like Mother Amanda does when our little ones were your age, Nate.

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