Random Stuff We Like: Google Plus

Social media,  love it or hate it, it does not appear to be going anywhere.  I (reluctantly) added a Facebook page only a few months back, and that was only so that I could keep in contact with students of mine.  Facebook can be a fun way to see what your friends and family are doing and to let them know what you are up to without the annoying details of actually having to interact with them (that was sarcasm…).

Seriously, while I do see some advantages to being able to see what friends and family are up to and communicate with them even on some level, I still look at Facebook with a sort of reluctant acceptance.  Why does it keep suggesting thing that I should like?  Why are there all those ads…?

So, when a friend of mine was suggesting that we use Google Plus for a social media avenue to help market our company (tmgtextures.com), I was a bit skeptical about how much I would even want to use it.  If it meant getting our name out there, fine, then I guess I would partake.

Well, I can say that after using Google Plus for the last six months, I really like it.  For one thing there are no annoying ads that pop up.  For another – the  whole social structure is built around communities, which are, well… communities of people who share a similar interest such as basket weaving, Akitas, Russian nesting dolls, liposuction, textures, and… well, you get the idea.  A community can be about anything you want it to be about.  If you don’t see a community devoted to what you are interested in, it only takes minutes to set one up.

Since the basis of the interaction is centered on these communities, the people you interact with generally tend to be professionals or at the very least – people who share your passion for a particular subject.

So take my word for it and if you have not already – go set up a profile on Google Plus and then start looking around at all of the communities and join a few.  Check back here later and I am sure we will have some suggestions for a few you could join…


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