Nate’s Notes: Warm Colors

I am pretty good on my primary colors: red, blue, yellow.  NOW, momma keeps talking about warm colors.  Whaat???!!   You can’t “feel” a color or its temperature!!   Sigh.  Just for kicks and giggles, I’ll humor her…again.    So, we went out for a hike with the camera, and stopped at almost every tree there was so she could show me the leaves.  We got really really close, and she had me touch the red leaves, the yellow leaves, the golden leaves and the orange leaves as she told me their colors before taking a gazillion photos of them.  She said that Fall was here and that means, “the most amazingly lovely, warm colors of leaves as they turn shades of red, golden, orange  and yellow. Aren’t they just gorgeous baby Nate?! See, these lovely leaves are warm colors.”   Pshaw.  Lovely?  Gorgeous?  She’s such a girl.  And besides, why does she insist on calling me baby boy?  Doesn’t she know I fall into the toddler category now?

Apparently she did such a good job of sharing her excitement because all I see now is red, orange and yellow leaves.  Some even look like a rainbow of reds and yellows!   Momma’s right.  They are pretty, and seem soft and warm like my stuffed giraffe, Wilson, and my lovey.  Ooooohhhh, I get it!  Not only do they appear soft and warm, they make me feel like I’m getting one of momma’s or daddy’s super hugs.  They seem so alive that I now find myself somewhat captivated by the trees as we are driving.  In fact, I catch myself labeling as we go by the passing trees and objects.  It goes something like this:  warm, warm, ooooo, nifty, cow, moo, warm, big truck, vroom vroom, *yawn*, warm, motorcycle, vroom vroom, pretty flower, ooooo, bird, cukaw cukaw, *yawn*, warm, warm…

You should really find the nearest car seat or stroller and get outside to see this!

2 thoughts on “Nate’s Notes: Warm Colors

  1. Nate, it sounds like you are ready for a nap! I like the warm colors too! I also like trucks and motorcycles (as long as they are quiet!). :-)

    Tell your mom to keep those photos coming!

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