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If you aren’t already acquainted with the Digital Photography Review website (, I’d like to introduce you.  Whether you are looking for advice about your first digital camera purchase, looking to upgrade or add to your arsenal of lenses, or need some feedback on your photos, can assist you.   I stumbled upon this site about 6 months ago, and bookmarked it instantly, qualifying it as Random Stuff We Like.

Almost daily, the home page feeds you with tutorials, news articles, discussions and reviews.  The forums have a variety of subject matter from welcoming beginner chats and questions, to all things Canon, to all things Nikon or Pentax, to “wanted” or “for sale” equipment, to retouching photos…and everything in between.  The product reviews and previews are succinct and helpful.  That’s right, you can get a sneak peak at the newest equipment you never knew you needed before it is released!  I love the side-by-side comparisons you can do with cameras, lenses, printers, etc. as well as the sample images from each camera and lens.  For the visual buyer like myself, this is fantastic! Have a photo on which you would like feedback?  You can do that in the forums too.

Because of the plethora of information, the site, to me, seems crowded and “heavy”.  However, I usually leave the site satisfied and inspired instead of overwhelmed.  I know I will continue to use this site as a valuable comparison tool and will continue to learn from it.   I would encourage you to get acquainted with today.

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