Nate’s Notes: Inspired

Inspired.  Whatever THAT means!!  All I know is that my super hero dad keeps saying momma has inspired him.  What???!!!  Super heroes don’t need inspiration!!!    Now, not only does SHE take pictures whenever she can, she has turned HIM!!!   Now dad carries a camera everywhere and even turns the car around out of excitement over gauges, signs, nuts, bolts, fans…all the “guy stuff”, he says.  All I can do is raise my eyebrows, breathe heavily, and shake my head until I feel dizzy and forget that this has happened.   Of course, these actions have sparked a few discussions between them about grumpiness and odd or alarming behavior patterns on my part.  Real Sherlocks they are.

After daddy gets home from doing super hero stuff all day, he hugs me, tells me how much he missed me, plays with me for awhile…and then…wait for it…SHOWS MOM ALL THE PICTURES HE TOOK!!!  They sit there all excited about the images and the categories that are “filling up”.  They make plans for field adventures and add to their list of items to capture and places to go. Oh man.   I would be lying if I said some of these field adventures weren’t amazing and fun.  Next on the list of inspiring, errr….I mean, JUST places:  the beach, the zoo, a train depot, and an old abandoned concrete warehouse.  I guess you could call them inspiring.   Don’t repeat that to anyone!!!

One thought on “Nate’s Notes: Inspired

  1. Nate, You are a Hoot! Hang in there buddy, they will settle down! 😉 In the mean time you will get to have adventures and flash your charming smile!

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