Nate’s Notes: Introductions

August 28, 2012

I’m Nate.  I didn’t ask to have this woman strapped to my front.   Sure, she asks me every now and then in a nice enough way, but she doesn’t listen to my answer.  I just get a goofy smile accompanied by some cutesy nickname.  Lame.  But whatever.  Here I am, with this dorky woman stuck to me.  Resistance is futile…at least until I’m fully bipedal with core strength.  * Note to self: work on core exercises.

So, here we go again, out on another “field adventure” as she calls it.   Today’s destination is an old railroad and industrial district in town. The field trip coordinator in front keeps going on and on about metal, concrete and brick buildings with great hardware.   One look at the brilliant blue sky (yep, I know my primary colors, yeeaaawww!) and she breaks into all kinds of exclamations.  They seem like happy things, though she mumbles so much it’s hard to tell.  We stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take a few pictures…of the ground.  Did you catch that?  The MIDDLE of the sidewalk for goodness sake people.  For pictures of the SIDEWALK!!  Not just casual shots either, but down on bended knee, zooming in. Doesn’t she see the strange looks everyone give us?  Correction…give HER.  I strain over her shoulder to see what on earth needs this much attention.  I see nothing…so I turn my attention to damage control and begin casting charming smiles at passersby to distract them from the crazy woman strapped to my front side.  This is real stuff my friends.  Welcome to my life.

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