Nate’s Notes: Very “Twicky”!

Happy Fall!  Speaking of weather (although Fall is really a season, not general weather), I’ve been feeling a bit under it for the past few days, so I haven’t written much.   Don’t worry though, I’m BACK!

So…my momma is very “twicky”!  My dad is also, but I expected as much from him.  He’s a superhero.  Anyway, I overheard them discussing a trip to REI for a new family toy.  Of course, my ears perked up at the mention of a toy.   I would have driven to the store myself if my legs were longer.  A new TOY!!  OH BOY, OH BOY!!!   (Hey, that rhymes.) What will it be?  A ball…a drum…a car…a book???   Drive faster!   Okay, we’re here!   What is it, what is it???  A….backpack???!!!  What am I missing here?  Wait a second (as I’m being lifted into the backpack)…this is a twick…(I’m in the backpack)…I protest!…Wait…this is AMAZING comfort!  Wow! (I’m on dad’s back).  This is the Cadillac of backpacks for sure.  And the view up here is cool!  If momma and dad brought their camera, they could get great shots of the concrete floor and the galvanized pipes overhead.  Not that I care about that stuff…I’m just saying.

On the drive back home, I listen sleepily (I should really take more naps), to them discussing a field adventure tomorrow to try out the backpack.  I’m game.  I’ll ride in that thing all day long!   The comfort, the things I can see.  Okay, okay.  I get it.  Although…we might have to discuss the definition of toy.  Clearly the parental units don’t know what a toy is.   But, this new “family toy” will buy mom more time and patience from me for some field adventures.   Very, very twicky indeed!

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