Nate’s Notes: Mom Left Her Journal Out Again

Hi everyone.   So…once again, my mom left the journal out.  Okay, maybe I went looking for it.  The details are a bit sketchy, but let’s just agree to not discuss it.   Here is another entry from momma, titled, “Thank You”.

“Not only do I get to “see” the world every day, I also get to share it with people during the day…as long as I don’t miss the opportunity.   Besides the little helper on my back, sometimes I do get so wrapped up in taking pictures,  that I do forget people are around me!  This day was different though.  I decided that on today’s field adventure, I’d make it a point to make eye contact with passersby and engage them.  And if I didn’t, Prince Charming on my back certainly would!   So, today’s outing took us to Sonoma, California.   We were taking pictures around the old barracks there, the mission, and the old town square.   There was great light and an abundance of adobe, mud, wood and stone.  I was deep in thought and excitement over these textures when a man stopped me.  He said, ‘Excuse me.  Excuse me.   I’ve been watching you take pictures and I just wondered what it is you’re taking photos of.’   Here goes…so I replied, ‘I’m glad you asked! Thanks…  I’m taking shots of texture.  So look at the wood grain on that beam, or the peeling paint on that window frame.  Or check out the brick pattern on that building across the street- so cool!   Oh! Oh!  …And then there’s the broken glass or the stained glass in those other buildings.  I guess I’m headed there next!!  They are all so beautiful, and so often missed… and when you just isolate these textures in the images, it’s really amazing.  Again, thank you for asking.’ 

He stared at me for seconds, shaking his head.  Then he surprised me and thanked ME for helping him realize what he had been missing around him.   We said good bye, he complimented the helper on my back and we parted ways.  Not bad for a day at work!”

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