Nate’s Notes: Joy

The other day we were on a field adventure, looking for graffiti to shoot.  No, not bang-bang shoot people…geez.  Take-pictures-of shoot.  I hear graffiti is when someone paints in places they shouldn’t…like walls of buildings,  dumpsters, and fences.  Some say it is artistic.  So…I’m just trying to be artistic when I draw all over my bedroom walls.  Is that a crime???   Anyway, we were walking along, and all of a sudden my mom realized my lovey wasn’t in the stroller anymore. (The lovey is the MOST important blanket ever, necessary for all daily functions and special operations).  Everyone should have a lovey…it gives you special powers, I swear.   Well, I kept my cool, but my mom totally panicked.   So we went from a leisurely walk to a sprint, all to find my lovey.  It was odd because I knew we were looking for this strange painted art, but we passed sooooo much of it! (Who’s in charge of graffiti abatement in town?  Are they napping or what?? Don’t they know naps are overrated???)  My mom, she just kept running and running!  She must really love me and know how much I love that lovey!!    After about 15 minutes, we turned the corner…and there it was!  On the ground…right where I had chucked it out of the stroller…right next to the most beautifully painted graffiti dumpster.  The best shot of the day!  See…the lovey has special powers.  The look on my mom’s face as she handed it to me…she seemed so proud to have found it, so happy to give it to me, so full of joy.

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