Nate’s Notes: Yea… THAT Just Happened!

So Momma and I went on a field adventure the other day, but it ended weird…and we didn’t take any pictures.   Basically, we left the house, drove for a long enough time that I was sleepy, and parked.   I got put in my super cool backpack thingy, Momma grabbed the camera and we were off.   It didn’t take her long to find some way to embarrass me. We ended up standing on a bench in a park while she focused on something over a fence…not cool.  People were staring.  Then all of a sudden…

“LONG DISCLAIMER:  I have flirted with insomnia for about 20 years, but never really experienced sleep deprivation until this last year and half.   My baby boy is THE WORST sleeper ever.  Figures, I would get a child who sleeps worse than I do.   I could, and would very much like to, kick insomnia’s butt, if only Nate would let me sleep for more than two uninterrupted hours.  Seriously, it is that bad.   Well, this sleep deprivation is burning not just holes, but caverns, into my brain.   That’s my story anyway. 

Last week, Nate and I left the house ready for a field adventure to some smaller towns north of us.  The sun was bright and rejuvenating.  I was feeling recharged from the rays streaming in my window, the tunes playing on the radio, and my little boy smiling and dancing in the back seat.   It was going to be a great afternoon! I had even packed snacks for a picnic in case I found grass for Nate to run wild.  I got Prince Charming set up on my back, grabbed some water, our snack,  and my camera, ready to shoot.  In a matter of seconds, I found some great old cars I just knew I had capture, and beyond them a field of gorgeous mustard.   Point, zoom, focus…and…NOTHING.   That sinking feeling began as I lowered my camera.  Yep. Not only had I left the camera battery (both actually) charging at home, I had also neglected to put my CF card back in the camera. Wow.  After a snort, a chuckle and a dramatic head toss, I began laughing, and laughing.  I laughed so hard I started snorting some more.  I would venture a guess that my laughter had that crazy edge to it for any passerby to hear.   Nate giggled a little on my back, but it sounded more like he was trying to pacify me with his hesitant sounds.  ‘Oh Nate…THAT just happened!  Your Momma is losing it!!’  If I wanted my son to learn anything from this, it was NOT to take yourself too seriously…and to let me sleep!”

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