Nate’s Notes: When A Trip to the Market Is No Longer about Eating

The market:  a perfectly fun weekly field trip.  I love food, and I love going to the market as much as the next kid…BUT I’m beginning to question Momma’s reasons for going.  I pretty much have the routine down…make a list, start by the fruits and veggies, and ziggy zag all the way through the store to bread.   Lately, we’ve been going not once…not twice…but three times in the week!  Three times people.  Believe it or not, I kind of get that concept.  Three might be too small when talking in numbers of cereal puffs or berries.  Three is too many when talking in numbers of weekly super market trips.

Somebody Stop Her!!!

Somebody Stop Her!!!

Let me explain.  We aren’t going for our lists anymore.   And we definitely aren’t going for anything I like!   Sure, Momma throws the occasional orange or strawberry basket in the cart, but only to take pictures of them once we get home.   Lately we get eggplant (yuck), cauliflower (yuck), lettuce (meh), brussels sprout (I think everyone agrees: gross), persimmons (can you say chalk!), pepper thingies (too hot), things I can’t pronounce and things that frankly scare me (who IS Frank anyway?).   Picture this:  We are strolling along, I’ve just made eye contact with a baby across the aisle, when all of a sudden the cart turns sharply toward a pile of…jicama and ginger.  Seriously????  What the heck do we need this for?  Oh, right…PICTURES.  TEXTURE PICTURES.  It’s sooo embarrassing.  She kneels down next to the food and looks closely at it…then steps back to examine it farther away.  Then, to my horror, she looks around to check for witnesses, and then pokes the food.  Yea, you read right; she actually pokes it.   I squeeze my eyes shut and cover my face hoping to disappear.  Momma, however, thinks I am trying to play peek-a-boo and just ruffles my hair.  We don’t even make it out of the fruits and vegetables anymore…and our kitchen is full of strange food.   Slightly concerning???  Ummm… I’d bet my berries on it!   What’s next?  The camera coming into the store??  Shhhh!  Don’t give her any ideas.  Oh bananas, I think she heard me!!

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