Nate’s Notes: Happy Birthday to Me

September 11, 2012

Today was huge.  Big, big day.  You see, today was my birthday!  Yay for birthday cake, balloons, and bouncy balls!  We had pancakes and bananas for breakfast, my favorite.  Mom even put cream stuff on the pancakes. Heaven.  After breakfast, we hit the town for a walk…and of course pictures.  You’d think there would be tons of photos of ME on this day…but the camera was also for images and textures.   That’s fine…I can share:  sharing is caring, after all!  I had to, of course, do my job of distracting and disarming those who stare at us while momma was shooting photos.   She stopped at a wood table that had scratches all over it.  Super distressed wood (this is where momma starts using words like “aged”, “weathered”, “scratched”, “worn”, “engraved”, “old”)…well, forget the wood, I became distressed when an entire family stopped and stared at my mom while she snapped photos.  She, lost in her world, didn’t notice them, but I had to really turn on the charm, pulling out all the stops.   I waved, said, “hiya”, and then did a really surprised look and pointed behind them.   It worked!  Mom finished up and we moved on to the water fountain.  Yes!!! I love that fountain!   Again, she zoomed in on the bubbles in fountain, the splashes, the moving water…and again, the people began staring.  They always go from her, to whatever she is focused on…and back and forth a few times.  In my act of distracting a couple (they looked like really cool grandparents), I flashed a big smile, and got this response from the lady: “What a cute baby!  He’s just adorable!”   A baby????  Me????  Shut the front door!!  What is she talking about?  I’m not a baby.  I’m one as of today.  That’s a big deal.

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