Nate’s Notes: Exposed Aggregate- #73 on the List of NOT GOOD Playground Topics

It was hard enough to say, let alone understand what Momma was talking about when she talked about exposed aggregate.  Then again, she does mumble…and she does ramble.  I was afraid to know who was running around exposed without diapers.  So I went to Daddy for an easier explanation.  After all, I had to start understanding what these things were that Momma just randomly blurts out, Daddy stops the car for, and they BOTH go running through fields, parking lots, cemeteries and abandoned houses to take pictures of!!

Well, once Daddy explained that the little stones and rocks come up and sit on top of concrete like they are taking a nap there, it was a tiny bit easier to understand.  And then, Momma actually made sense and said that Papa and Gram’s driveway was exposed aggregate.  OOOOHHhhhhh, I GET IT!!!  Light bulb!!!

Rocks napping on top of concrete

Rocks napping on top of concrete

I was pretty excited to tell Papa and Gram what their driveway was made from.  THAT went over like flinging my food and licking the carpet does.  Not well.  Not well at all.  I pointed. I gestured. I growled.  I tapped the slider window leading out to the driveway.  I pointed and said, “eh-po eh-po eh-po” some more.   I growled some more.  Gram didn’t get it.  She just smiled at me,  called me a character and asked if I needed a butt change. *Sigh*  Papa just assumed I wanted to go outside and play.  So when I tapped on the driveway with my feet and pointed they both just smiled and told me they love me and I entertain them.  Oh bananas.

Putting that failure behind me, I tried to show some kids at the park when I noticed the exposed aggregate on the walkway AND on the water fountain that everyone insists on drinking.  Ewe.  And you judge me for eating dirt???!!  I think I was getting somewhere because the little boy threw a little rock at me, clearly showing his interest in the rocks I was telling him about.  So I brought them over to the walkway where they obviously needed to look closer at the stones to appreciate all those little rocks just napping on top of the concrete!  It was so cool.   That’s why I gently pushed their heads down close to the ground.  And that’s when their moms came running, and my Momma had a horrified look on her face.    Raised voice and tears followed, but not from me!    Man, it’s tough being one.  Don’t even get me started on the teething…

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