Nate’s Notes: Another Journal Entry

September  7, 2012

Hi folks, Nate here again.  I’m still a little bitter about being excluded from the field adventure the other day.  It’s hard for me to talk about.  Still too hurtful.  So, I’m going to share another journal entry of my mom’s that  I found.  What???  She’s the one who keeps leaving it out!    

“I am so blessed.  Besides having an amazing family, a fantastic support group, a great little house that is remote and quiet, I have the best job…ever.   You see, my job allows me to work from home and hang out with my little guy, Nate.  It took about 10 years for time to bring him to us, so I want to enjoy as much of being his mom as I can.   Now, that is a cool part of my work, but the best part is that I get to “see” the world.  Not travel, though I’ll write about that later.  What I mean is the everyday world.   So many people just go through their days not noticing the beauty of everyday tasks.  They don’t notice the texture of the pillow on the couch next to them, the depth of the bark pattern on their trees, the intricate beauty in the veins of their tree leaves, the vibrant colors on their kitchen counter,  the maze of wood grain on the office floors, the way the light bounces off the ice in their cups, the fabulous character in the brick building across the street, the personality of the clouds above them…I could go on and on.  I, however, get to look FOR all of these things, daily.  I get to literally search for and find these textures and images in order to capture photographs.    And I have to tell you…it kind of makes my day.  Try it.  It will take your breath away.”

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