Nate’s Notes: Textures Continued…



Apparently, carpet isn’t the only texture that looks different from 30 inches off the ground (it’s actually 30 and ½ inches) compared to right in front of my face.  Yea, I figured THAT out at Papa and Gram’s house super quick.  Hardwood flooring looks (and feels) really different too!  I know why they call it “hard-wood”.  Have you ever fallen on it? Repeatedly??  Like over and over???  Not even a diaper can pad that hard fall.  On those few times I don’t land on my bum, and I am face to face with this hardwood, I notice the wood grain patterns.  They are so cool!!  They are like a rainbow, but without all the colors…or like ribbons in the wood…yea ribbons…that’s a better description. They are squiggly and smooth, flowing like water.   Then there are the nicks, the nail heads, and the seams.  (Don’t ask me why I know these terms at such a young age. I just do.)  It’s also possible there is dog fur and other treats to be found here and there!  Of course, when I do spend too much time face to face with the hardwood, Gram thinks it’s a little weird.  She calls me an odd duck, which makes me look around for a quack quack.  And…if I’m an odd duck, does that mean there are non-odd ducks??   I still haven’t found either one in her house, so I’m not sure what she is talking about!!  Again… you big people talk funny.

Anyway, next time you find yourself face to floor on hardwood, leisurely note how pretty it is…then pop up and say, “Tadaaaa!!!”.   It works every time folks.  Every time.

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