Nate’s Notes: Uh-Oh

September 5, 2012

“Uh-oh” was one of my first words, so I know it well.  And this definitely calls for an “uh-oh”.   Okay, maybe I’m too vocal about how crazy I think my mom is with her quests for the perfect shots, the number of photos she takes and uploads, the pictures she takes of the sidewalk, the adjectives she uses to talk about dirt (you should hear them…about dirt people)…all that stuff.  Can you blame me?   I mean, there’s passionate about one’s work…then there’s a line…and then there’s crossing the line.  She’s on the other side of the line in my opinion.  It gets worse when you bring in the others she works for and with.  I know, you’re thinking, “uh-oh”.   But that’s not the “uh-oh” I’m referring to.    Anyway…yes, perhaps I voice this opinion too frequently because today she dropped me off with Papa and Gram so she could do a field adventure alone.  I’m actually composing this now as I sulk in the corner.  She’s got NO IDEA how much she needs me out there!  Who’s going to point out things?  Who’s going to help keep track of categories?  Who’s going to charm all the strangers and gawkers, distracting them from her odd behavior?  What is she thinking???   I’m going to miss all the fun!!!  I mean, errr…did I say fun?  Uh-oh.   Ooo…gotta go, Gram is coming my way.

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