Nate’s Notes: Momma’s Adventures in Photography

By now, I’m actually used to the field adventures that Momma subjects me to each week.    More often than not, she embarrasses me, but I’m told that is building character in me.  Whatever.   She LOVES them;  we meet some interesting people and see some different places.  Here, she tells a little about it.

“When I began doing this work, I had to get used to ignoring the people giving me odd looks as I knelt down to take a photo of the crack in a sidewalk.  I had to get used to the whispers and the self-conscious feeling I had walking into an alley or abandoned house to snap some photos.  I had to become ready to talk to anyone I passed on the sidewalk.  Although I still have my moments, I not only got used to these aspects, I’ve embraced them as my adventures in photography. These adventures have awakened a part of me that became dormant sitting behind a desk, inside a building.   I’ve used them to show my son the world around us in a way I fear many people never will. 

I’ve visited historical towns, walked through ghost towns, felt sorrow and grief in cemeteries, rediscovered the joy of mud, rain, and jumping in leaves. 

Tombstone in Northern California

Tombstone in Northern California

I’ve climbed the ruins of an abandoned sugar mill, concrete plant, burned out barn, and leaning house.  I’ve imagined the pioneers and miners in the gold country.  I’ve run from dogs in a vineyard!   I’ve been semi-accepted into the skater world!   I’ve met “Idaho”, a local man who told us stories and legends of Oakland, Oregon.  I’ve hesitantly chatted with “Lucy” as she warned us of a local ghost that can be captured in a photo. I’ve experienced pride when my 1 year old son charms the pants right off everyone we encounter.   I’ve laughed with my husband as we dodge curious and questioning glances, or overhear comments about “the two people with a baby taking weird photographs”.  

I said awhile ago that I am blessed because I get to “see” the world.  Well my adventures are just beginning.   I wonder who I’ll meet (and Nate will charm) next?  Where will my field adventure take me tomorrow?  There is so much world to see!

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