Nate’s Notes: Try My Perspective

Of course what I’m about to ask you may seem silly, but humor me if you can.  Lower yourself to my level.  No, I don’t mean in a maturity way- neener neener, so there. Jeez, grow up!   I mean, spend the day crawling around.  Yea, actually crawling, or as close to that as you can get.  See things from my perspective.  Open your eyes and notice how much taller the trees are, how much bigger the windows are (or what they taste like),

Blades of Grass

Blades of Grass

the blades of grass, the mud puddles, the wood on kitchen cabinets, the patterns in carpet, the acorns and leaves on the ground, the strange and differing fabric on everyone’s legs.  Notice the taste…uhhhh…..I mean FEEL of linoleum, of tile floor, of wood decks (WARNING: some surfaces may not feel great and may cause mild splinters or scrapes).  Feel the cold (or warmth depending on the day!) of metal.   See the shapes in a chain link fence or in hog paneling.  It’s a different world at my level, one I bet you’ve forgotten about with all of your gadgets and devices.

So, I challenge you to crawl around, spend some time at my level for part of today;  LOOK and FEEL the world.  What else do you REALLY have to do the rest of the day?  Adult stuff?  Come on…go ahead, I dare you.  No…I double DOUBLE dog dare you.

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One thought on “Nate’s Notes: Try My Perspective

  1. Nate, you have made a good suggestion. We adult-type people do forget what things look like from a lower perspective. But there is one danger: When those of us who were born last millennium start crawling on the floor we usually go right to sleep. Maybe if we do some tasting along the way (another good suggestion!) it will help keep us awake.

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